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Sustained activation of p53 in confluent nucleotide excision repair-deficient cells resistant to ultraviolet-induced apoptosis.

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ble nutrient (TDN) was obtained using the following formula, as proposed by [6]: TDN = 105.2- 0.68 (NDF). The climatic data referring to the experimental period were obtained from the meteorological station at the Uni-

A Girona i comarques, el nombre d’ infants, joves i adults amb la síndrome de Down és de 260, en edats que van dels 2 anys als 70. Als inicis de la nostra fundació, a l’ any 1988, naixien de tretze a quinze infants a l’any, dins l’àmbit de Girona i les seves comarques.

– A turnéhoz csatlakozni fog 2 msáik banda is, és így akkora siker lesz, hogy arra szavak nincsenek!.

Alice Light: 18 éves.

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mazepine (0.105, 1.05, 2.1 and 4.2 mM, n = 8, 6, 6 and 6, respectively), induced a dose-dependent neuro-muscular blockade, under indirect or direct muscle stimulation and the neurotransmission was reestab-lished after washing. Conversely, phenobarbital caused an unexpected facilitatory effect, under several

ment of both batch and flow processes are presented.

using 2.0 mol% of the catalysts 1c, 1d and 1f (entries 7–9),

2, and light in the oxidation process