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Instead of typing passwords, many password managers will autocomplete forms, and on phones, you can copy-and-paste them from the password manager app to the service you’re trying to login to.

Anthem hack: Personal data stolen sells for 10X price of stolen credit card numbers.

The hackers who stole personal data from health insurer Anthem stand to make a whole lot more than the ones.

Because Copy School includes every copywriting course we offer at Copy Hackers, you’ll get 10x Emails, which comes with a review of an email you’ve written. Send us your copy, and we’ll send you back notes to optimize it.

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It is not uncommon for hackers to modify your email settings so that a copy of every email you receive is automatically forwarded to them.

please invest. Comprehensive security software will provide you with a digital shield for your online life.

Want to see how to write holiday copy? In this video tutorial, conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe shows you how.

I think Rob Marsh at the copywriter club is doing collections of landing pages, as well. But Really Good Emails is super comprehensive, so check that out if you want inspiration.

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