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Josh Cantwell is a Multi-Million dollar investor, fund manager, internet marketer, and business owner. He has successfully coached hundreds of fix n’flippers, wholesalers, foreclosure experts, and private money lenders. In addition, Josh is the top residential real estate investor in his community with over 600 deals under his belt.

where real estate entrepreneurs share the 7- and 8-figure playbooks and open their rolodexes to you, so that you join their ranks.

thousands of the country’s most savvy real estate investors arrive in San Diego, California to discover what’s new, what’s hot and what’s actually working in TODAY’S market.

Day One of the Find & Flip Summit.

Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches Archives Has anyone attended Dave’s apartment house bootcamp? I have his home study course and I am pretty pleased with the material.Has anyone attended Dave’s apartment house bootcamp?. David Lindahl – Apartment Houses. 19 Replies Log in or sign up to reply. I’ve purchased his Apartment House Riches home study course, and have bought a 60-unit.

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8 different strategies to get regular public buyers begging you to flip them your deals.

The foundations of a six-figure foreclosure business in 5 weeks or less.

Walk through 15 super profitable H.U.D. and R.E.O. rehabbing case studies with Josh Cantwell.

In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran interviews master real estate investor, Josh Cantwell. This podcast not only covers cash generation through the use of leverage, but also how Josh buys and sells houses for income.