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The Best Blogging eBooks & eCourses for Beginning Bloggers List Surge by Melyssa Griffin Melyssa Griffin is my go-to person when it comes to learning everything I know about growing and monetizing a blog.

But there are two I’ve taken that I 100% recommend and they’re from two amazing bloggers: Melyssa Griffin and Allison Marshall. I took Melyssa’s List Surge course and it was SO helpful. If you’re looking to build your email list, you should definitely look into it.

My 3 favorite e-Courses for travel bloggers are Travel Blog Success, Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth, and Melyssa Griffin’s List Surge. I back them up 100% and recommend them to everyone. You can even watch Melyssa's Pinterest Webinar for FREE to see if it's a good fit for you.