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Maybe your tastes aren’t as big as Clayton´s. Maybe you´d be happy just not having to stress about money and be able to take an extra vacation each year. Maybe you´re somewhere in the middle.

Okay, I want to finish up with a powerful way to close your letter. Copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace calls it “The Crossroads Close.” I call it “The Status Quo or Salvation Click.” Whatever you call it, it’s damn powerful. Here’s an example.

Don’t You Deserve The Best? So now you have 3 options.

How To Get Your First Paying Copywriting Client.

needed business, I could send out just 100 letters and have ten good leads.

# 2 Clayton Makepeace – Set Up And Follow Up With Phone Calls Clayton Makepeace is one of the world’s highest paid copywriters making over $2 million

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Learn From the Best in the Business. Complete with real-life examples from copywriting wizards like Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, & Nick Usborne for every step of the process, we show you exactly what each of your bullets should say (and we explain WHY these examples actually work)

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One of the best ways to get insights into the copywriting mindset is to sit down and talk with a successful copywriter. And interviews are a great way to do that vicariously. So, when I recently stumbled across this interview that copywriting giant Clayton Makepeace conducted with Kent Komae, I thought it well worth bringing [.


emotional trigger words . At that point, he sent a business idea to copywriting legend Clayton. Makepeace, who hired him on the spot. Since that time, Tony has developed the industry's.

“Of all my writing/copywriting/marketing memberships I have or have had in the past, I hold your copywriting site as the best in the business. First, it’s an-all-in one membership. There’s thorough copywriting training, then skilled marketing help, and finally supportive coaching calls.


What is a ‘Lead Magnet’ And Why Are They Vital To Your Business Success?.

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