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SMMW speaker Amy Schmittauer.

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Amy Schmittauer Video Content Marketing Consulting

Then we had the chance to hear from someone who has made a career out of understanding the ins-and-outs of YouTube culture, Amy Schmittauer. She helped us learn about staying true to the tone of the platform and how to use an addictive structure to video content, among other things.

We also use video capture and recording software for our interviews, plus statistical analysis programs for when we run surveys. And a reliable printer certainly makes life easier! E: How did you get into user research, and where might you go from here? KD: I started out in the graduate business (i.e. not technical) stream of a large IT company.

Online Video Marketing For Small Business – Video Production Styles (Part 2 of.

featuring insights from Amy Schmittauer on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

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