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Dior Vargas: Mental health is not just ‘a White person thing’ – Vargas visited Portland in September.

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Dr. Green will oversee clinical leadership at Howard Health’s 55th St., 63rd St., La Casa Norte, Thresholds South and Diverse.

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Can eating too little actually damage your metabolism? Exploring the truths and fallacies of ‘metabolic damage’.

In the meantime, he has been self-medicating using hormones from the Netherlands.

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An acting police chief signed a special order in September in which all transgender inmates are.

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These patients, say the scientists, could be screened for atrial fibrillation by testing their blood to see if they have elev.

A re you prone to mites’ infestation? Stop your skin’s itching, inflammation, redness, rash and other common problems caused by invisible mites staying deeply inside your skin pores.

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I know it seems like every single article I’m hammering on about healthy fats and oils, but it’s only because they are just so important and it still feels like there are a LOT of people who are still avoiding them, thinking they’ll make them fat. Nothing could be further from the truth.